Bespoke Software Development Insight – CAD 22nd December 2020

CAD, or Computer Assisted Design, makes up an incredibly large portion of development the world over. The complexity and detail of these programs can be far too much for many applications, and even require significant training, degrees and technical skill to operate.

For small and medium businesses, these complex applications cost more than just the hefty price tag, often they will need to employ trained users to operate them and, despite the investment in this wonderful technology, they will see little return.

A recent undertaking of ours has been to develop a CAD, with the emphasis on the program being user friendly. While this would be a near impossible challenge to create with the scope of other CAD applications, the actual requirement of the client was very specific, enabling us to streamline a CAD system to do everything the client needs in a very simple, quick way – without the extras that would otherwise slow things down, over complicate things and, cost more!

We should have some previews of the software in action in 2021 for you, so you can see how quick, easy and powerful the software is. All for a fraction of the cost of a purchased CAD system!

This highlights just one of the ways bespoke software development can help your company. While an out of the box software can usually help, the only way to maximise your return and increase your efficiency is to get in touch with one of our expert consultants, today!

River eSolutions Administrator


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