CRM & ERP System

As a small bespoke manufacturer, growing pains are common. Systems and processes used during start up are more often than not completely unsuitable for larger operations.

Experiencing rapid growth and the exceptional costs that came with it, especially in the form of employment, we worked with an up and coming small business to create cost effective, powerful software that would support their growth.

Unlike out of the box, one size fits all solutions, which come with hefty subscription fees, nonsensical complicated interfaces and force significant, disruptive and inefficient changes in workflow we worked with our customer to create a personalised solution around them; with advice from our knowledgeable business consultants who took the time to understand and work with the business.

The software is a comprehensive bespoke ERP & CRM system. Useful from the very start in identifying and creating customers, managing ad revenue (Such as Google Ads) and creating reports at the touch of a button. It handles accounting, customer interactions, booking, RMA’s, manufacturing – every aspect of the clients business is handled and connected seamlessly.

The result? A system created at a fraction of a cost of off the shelf systems, yet far more powerful. The client has seen 500% growth in revenue, in 2 years, with no additional staff required (even to handle the new business) and no subscription fees – and that is still increasing!

Of course, our relationship has not ended there and we provide full support, cloud hosting and ongoing development for the client; including integration with their website, emails, SMS functionality and other software.

If you are interested in the advantages that a bespoke system could offer, please contact us today on 0203 819 7656 or info@riveresolutions.co.uk

Project Details

Client : Bespoke Manufacturer (Carpentry)
Skills : Software Development