VOIP Case Study – Leading Video Production Company 4th January 2018

“We were ‘analogue’ before and it worked fine – we could communicate with customers which is exactly what it is there for. The idea that a phone system could do a lot more and work for us seemed quite alien at the time, now it’s something we rely on every day.”

Today, one of our many happy VOIP clients make an appearance; VOIP has transformed their business and enabled them to grow and adapt quickly and efficiently to their rapidly changing market. Our featured client, a dynamic expert in the video production industry, managed to save 70% on their telephony costs, while adding a huge amount of value to their customers and staff. Located in a very prestigious area and surrounded by well renowned clients and competitors alike, this company lives on its reputation. Every job, big or small, and every customer interaction, needs not only to be excellent, but always improving; in order to fend off competition.

Our sister company, River Pro Audio, having worked with the client for over 10 years, was well aware of the high-stress, challenging environment that our client worked within and the impact that had on staff of all levels.

A significant cause for frustration for both staff and their customers was the large amount of time spent on hold, being directed to the right place and the right expert. As our client noted, which we feel sums up the experience well:

“While we have some of the best talent in the world on our team, that amounts to nothing if we cannot utilise it at the right time!”

We would have to agree with that and we set out to rectify this with an innovative, customised VOIP system.

Initially our advanced VOIP system in itself was a huge advantage for the client. Providing a significant, noticeable improvement in call quality and uptime. Along with the hold-reduction provided by on-board phone directories and a saving of 70% against their previous regular analogue lines, this was already a firm win as far as the client was concerned.

However, we didn’t stop there. By taking some time to understand the clients workflow and day to day activities, we were able to create an elegant, innovative solution to even further improve wait times and provide an ease of use that was not thought possible.

Flow Diagram for a Bespoke Integration of a VOIP System

Flow Diagram for a Bespoke Integration of a VOIP System

By grouping experts into fields of expertise and creating an easily updated company database, with some clever configuration, we were able to condense the directory list down, making it more manageable. Whereas previously an operator would have had to find an expert in a particular area, which usually created one expert inundated with calls, now they can simply transfer the call to the relevant group.

Calls are then prioritised to the next available expert, aside from in specific key account cases in which they’re sent straight to their dedicated managers.
Using this creative system, work was spread evenly amongst the staff and customers always found themselves with the experts they needed, with next to no hold time and none of the irritation of being ‘juggled’ between staff; customer satisfaction and profits increased.

Early Visual Mockup For VOIP Database

Early Visual Mockup For VOIP Integrated Employee Database Grouping Functionality

Through our bespoke, advanced VOIP system, the client is also able to generate reports, showing which areas of expertise are most utilised, which require more staff, or even individuals that may require more training to effectively manage their clients. This has enabled the senior staff to better allocate funds and investment and grow the company far more quickly and efficiently, based on the intelligence provided.

“We live and die off the back of being able to supply and support quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. VOIP, and River eSolutions’ expertise, has raised the bar for us and has really propelled us forward.”

River eSolutions has been providing VOIP solutions of varying complexity to a multitude of organisations for many years.

We are committed not only to providing the absolute best service, but also to being at the forefront of technological advancement – ensuring that you’re able to reap the rewards of cutting edge technology, without disruption to your day to day business.

We provide comprehensive technical support, exceptional telecoms reliability and free re-configuration as a standard offering – for life.

With our plug and play, zero hassle install and early contract termination assistance, contact us today and see just how much you can save!

“River eSolutions’ expertise, raised the bar for us and has really propelled us forward.”

Let us raise the bar for you, contact us today.



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