Average Savings of 50 Percent

River eSolutions VOIP team deals with a huge range of customers, from single, self employed clients to huge multi-site, international corporations. No matter the size, we are confident we can make you a considerable saving - up to 80% in some cases!

These savings don't take into account the tremendous time savings for staff and the multitude of other benefits our cloud-based intelligent digital system provides. Efficiency is drastically increased along with customer satisfaction: a huge benefit for any business.

With a 50% average saving, the benefits of VOIP cannot be ignored

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Cloud Platform

The River eSolutions VOIP platform is designed from the ground up to ensure reliability, resilience and performance.

Unlike any other cloud platform, our features have been designed to work entirely for you, to improve customer service or efficiency of internal and external operations, while simultaneously making them easy to use, intelligent and powerful.

You're able to manage all calls in real time from the comfort of your desk and obtain vital data to enable improvement and training of your team. Advanced call management such as priority answering, call groups and automated forwarding, can be customised without any additional hardware or expense.

We firmly believe that our cloud platform will not only save you money, but will increase your growth and, as such, we offer free recustomisations of the platform to fit your growing needs; for life.

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Advanced Integration

More than just a static VOIP, our unique platform offers you the ability to integrate seamlessly with you back end systems.

From advanced CRM's to improve customer management, retention or sales - or to increase internal efficiency, the expert team can develop, integrate, implement and support any bridging software required.

If you don't currently have these vital digital tools, we're happy identify and develop anything that you need.

Ensure you're operating at 100%

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Free Multi-Site Calling

Distributed workforces are becoming commonplace, allowing business to take advantage of talent wherever in the world they find it. Communication is key to the success of these workforces; taking the cost away from communication ensures that you're always able to communicate and clarify anything without worry.

We offer free calls between all your sites that adopt our leading VOIP services.

Whether that's users working from home, out in the field, or in a different office - internal calls will never be charged.

Encourage communication

Encourage Clarity

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Effortless Plug and Play

Our experts will customise your hardware and platform exactly how you need it; before it even reaches you.

Setup is as simple as plugging in an ethernet cable to your new VOIP phone! Ensuring that there's now downtime and no disruption of your day to day activity.

This expert customisation applies to all facets of the platform, including any grouping, forwarding, dial in groups or custom requirements.

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Crystal Clear HD Calls

Conventional phones utilise aging land lines, which are mostly copper wires, and transmit in an analogue fashion.

VOIP, in comparison, takes full advantage of the Internet, sending data via fibre-lines and more impressive connections by using advanced digital compression.

Customer facing sales teams, service teams and internal communications benefit drastically from the increased call quality that comes with VOIP.

Increase sales conversions

Increase customer satisfaction

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