The Digital Revolution of Telephony 12th December 2017

Our first featured offering comes in the form of VOIP (Voice Over I.P.)

VOIP has a remarkable amount of features which make it superior to conventional phones. Conventional phones utilise aging land lines, which are mostly copper wires, and transmit in an analogue fashion. VOIP, in comparison, takes full advantage of the internet, sending data via fibre-lines and more impressive connections by using advanced digital compression.

As well as offering far superior call quality, which in of itself increases sales, customer retention and satisfaction, VOIP also enables advanced digital features, from forwarding calls free to your mobile, to interactive voice menus and call recording – all features are designed to assist you in every facet of your communications; clients report large productivity increases and cost savings across the board.

In fact, we’ve saved clients up to 80% on their telephony costs, all the while increasing the value of their communications!

River eSolutions has been providing VOIP solutions of varying complexity to a multitude of organisations for many years.

We are committed not only to providing the absolute best service, but also to being at the forefront of technological advancement – ensuring that you’re able to reap the rewards of cutting edge technology, without disruption to your day to day business.

We provide comprehensive technical support, exceptional telecoms reliability and free re-configuration as a standard offering – for life.

With our plug and play, zero hassle install and early contract termination assistance, contact us today and see just how much you can save! Our view our dedicated VOIP page for more information!

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