Are you prepared? Windows 7 reaches end of life, with extended support finalising. 21st January 2020

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You may have seen articles and news covering the date, 14th January 2020, but what does that mean to you and businesses like you?

You’re certainly not alone in using Windows 7, it’s one of the most popular OS’s Microsoft has released to date with an incredible market share even now. With main stream support for Windows 7 ended on January 2015, Microsoft have finally reached the end date for its extended support (Jan 2020), but what does this mean and why should you upgrade?

No Bug Fixes

Largely unimportant now, as you’ve likely been using Windows 7 for a long time and you have moved beyond any encountered bugs, but this may be a problem in the future with updates to local software or drivers.

No Security Updates

No security patches mean that any vulnerabilities discovered will not be fixed, as they have been previously.
That means you are at risk and that it will become increasingly difficult to use a Windows 7 system to do anything which requires any sort of protection or security.
There are already many bugs, flaws and vulnerabilities in Windows 7 that have been published this week that Microsoft are under no obligation to fix and that provide a very real security threat to your systems, data and operations.

No/Lack of Software/Hardware Support

If being exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attacks isn’t cause enough for concern, a problem with continued use of the operating system will be support from software and hardware manufacturers.
If your off-the-shelf system isn’t stagnant and evolves to your requirements, as it should, it is highly likely newer versions will migrate to be only Windows 10 compatible.
This will make it increasingly difficult to run on an outdated system.

Even if many of the improvements and new features that windows 10 don’t grab you, it’s clear that there’s cause for change for any organisation or individual still using outdated operating systems.

Of course, we’re here to help. Whether you need advice, or a fully managed migration plan from one to a thousand systems and users, River eSolutions can provide a worry-free, fully managed approach designed around your individual needs.

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