Purely Porsche 26th February 2024

Purely Porsche: Where Passion Meets Perfection Welcome to the ultimate destination for Porsche enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a first-time buyer, or simply someone who appreciates the timeless allure of these iconic German machines, Purely Porsche is your one-stop shop for everything Porsche. From the design and launch of the website, to the development of powerful back-end features such as live location based porsche-searching, a membership-commerce system, community messaging and advanced listing and search; River eSolutions has been an…

Divine Duplication

Divine Duplication 20th March 2015

If you think of any successful multinational company and the chances are that you can also picture their logo in your minds eye. The importance of getting your company logo right cannot be over emphasised enough. It instantly transmits a non verbal message about your business and becomes that recognisable icon that will be synonymous with the company’s offering, values and overall identity. For Divine Duplication our graphic designers worked with the client to create a logo that transmits the…

The Popcorn Kettle

The Popcorn Kettle 20th March 2015

Fresh, hot and bursting with popping energy. This playful logo design for a food stall producing fresh high quality popcorn was an instant hit with the client. Being so visually strong and by using bright primary colours this logo is very clearly visible from across a crowd when printed on the stalls awnings.

Fox Wardrobes

Fox Wardrobes 19th March 2015

The wardrobes that Fox Wardrobes design and manufacture are very high quality and definitely luxury, so their logo needs to match their offering. Using a classic script and seal or emblem style design this logo gives the impression of class, quality and traditional values. The client was so happy with the logo that it’s now not only used on their webs site and office stationary but also printed on large decals on their installers vans.   “Thank you very much…

CII Solutions Ltd

CII Solutions Ltd 20th March 2014

Fire safety is a serious business and so a strong and confidence inspiring logo was definitely our first thought when we were approached to design a new logo for CII Solutions Ltd. The bold, strong font in combination with the symbolism of the shield provide a feeling of protection that you can have confidence in.   “I have the be the first to admit how impressed I am…… I have to commend you on your work”

Hadwell & Jones

Hadwell & Jones 20th April 2012

Hadwell and Jones are a startup eDepartment store with a focus on quality, self reviewed and well priced products. With a solid plan in place they needed a partner to get them off to a running start and found the in River eSolutions. With any market, especially B2C, things can change rapidly. From your customers needs, product advancements and even the environment (Hello C-19!). It was imperative that the platform and site we developed could handle this hugely tumultuous sales…